Boy Scouts clear out infected trees

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BSA Eagle Scout Work Day

BSA Eagle Scout Work Day

Ips beetles, sometimes known as “engraver beetles,” are bark beetles that develop under the bark and tunnel through the tree, damaging and killing pine and spruce trees. According to the symptoms described by Greg and Candy Seager, owners of BailiTeal Farm in Grand Saline, to Tommy Phillips, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Officer for Van Zandt County, it is probable that Ips beetles have infected many of the Virginia pine trees (Christmas trees) on their property.

The Seagers recently purchased BailiTeal Farm in August of 2013 and are currently transforming the farm into Shalom Retreat Center. However, they recently realized that many of their Virginia pines in the front of their property were dying and started researching possible causes.

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Posted: Sunday, June 8, 2014 7:07 am

Wendi Callaway, Editor

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